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FA Cup round-by-round prize money

With the FA Cup already well underway, many teams will be dreaming of a trip to Wembley Stadium this year. 

While it remains football’s oldest cup competition, this season’s winners will take home a surprisingly low amount. 

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are the current holders of the competition after they defeated rivals Manchester United back in June.

Ilkay Gundogan scored twice, including the quickest goal in FA Cup history, as City secured a 2-1 win against Erik ten Hag’s side. 

And so, Mail Sport breaks down how much each team will pocket every round of the competition.

The FA Cup is the oldest cup competition in football – but many will be surprised by how low the winners earn

Manchester City are the current holders of the competition after they defeated Manchester United in June

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Round-by-round prize money
Traditionally, the FA Cup provides fans will several twists and turns, as well as many shocks. 

A few non league teams remain in the competition and have already pocketed themselves a fairly big online payday loans no credit check – which will online payday loans no credit check doubt help them financially. Winners of the second round proper earned £67,000.

As expected, the prize money only gets bigger from then on in – with the winners of the third round pocketing £105,000.

Losers of the semi-final will earn £500,000, while the winners will take home £1million.

For the two teams who make it to the final, the loser will take home £1m, while the winner of this season’s FA Cup will pocket £2m. 

While that is an extraordinary amount for personal loans online a lower league club, it is surprisingly low online payday loans no credit check given how big the competition is.

The full round by round prize money is as follows: 

Extra preliminary round winners – £1,125

Extra preliminary round losers – £375

Preliminary round winners – £1,444

Preliminary round losers – £481

First round qualifying winners – £2,250

First round qualifying losers – £750

Second round qualifying winners – £3,375

Second round qualifying losers – £1,125

Third round qualifying winners  – £5,625

Third round qualifying losers – £1,875

Fourth round qualifying winners – £9,375

Fourth round qualifying losers – £3,125

First round proper winners – £41,000

Second round proper winners – £67,000

Third round proper winners – £105,000

Fourth round proper winners – £120,000

Fifth round proper winners – £225,000

Quarter-final winners – £450,000

Semi-final winners – £1,000,000

Semi-final losers – £500,000

Final runners-up – £1,000,000

Final winners – £2,000,000

The winner of this season’s competition will take home £2milllion

The third round of is already underway – with Premier League teams now entering the competition

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