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Biden cancels $6 billion in student loan debt for 78,000 public…

WASHINGTON, March 21 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden announced Thursday that $6 billion in student online payday loans no credit check would be canceled for 78,000 borrowers, bringing his administration’s total student debt cancellation to nearly $150 billion.

Biden, a Democrat, last year pledged to find other avenues for tackling debt relief after the Supreme Court in June blocked his broader plan to cancel $430 billion in student loan debt.

The latest group includes public service workers, like teachers, nurses and firefighters, who qualify under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program created in 2007 to forgive student debt for Americans who go into public service.

“These public service workers have dedicated their careers to serving their communities, but because of past administrative failures, never got the relief they were entitled to under the law,” Biden said in a statement.

As of June 2023, about 43.4 million U.S. student loan recipients had $1.63 trillion in outstanding online payday loans no credit check, payday loans bad credit according to the Federal Student Aid website. Higher education debt has tripled since the 2008 financial crisis.

Steep interest and hefty payments on these online payday loans no credit check mean younger Americans struggle to buy homes or make other investments, and Democrats have pushed for U.S. government forgiveness for years. Republicans largely oppose such actions.

Biden is seeking re-election in November and needs the youth vote to help him win.

“I won´t back down from using every tool at my disposal to deliver student debt relief to more Americans, and build an economy from the middle out and bottom up,” Biden said.

A White House official said Biden’s latest move brought the total amount of debt cancellation under the Biden administration to $144 billion for nearly 4 million Americans. (Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Heather Timmons and Christian Schmollinger)

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Amigo sold me loans while I was £40,000 in debt, it destroyed my life

A business owner who was sold more than £20,000 in unaffordable loans by disgraced online payday loans no credit check lender Amigo while he was already £40,000 in debt has told how the firm ‘destroyed my life’. 

John Mackenzie, 49, from County Antrim, Norther Ireland, took out loans worth £24,000 from Amigo starting in 2016.

He told MailOnline he has been fighting with Amigo and the Financial Conduct Authority for years over the affordability of his debts. 

‘All I want is my money back so I can settle my debts and sort out my life,’ businessman Mr Mackenzie said.

‘If my claim had been dealt with at the time I first submitted it, my money would have been paid back with interest. Now Amigo is in administration, they’re sitting on that money and I can’t afford to live.’ 

Mr Mackenzie is among tens of thousands of customers of guarantor lending firm Amigo Loans who has still not received a penny of their money back – up to 18 years after first being missold unaffordable online payday loans no credit check.

John Mackenzie, 49, from County Antrim, Norther Ireland, took out loans worth £24,000 from Amigo starting in 2016

Amigo founder and former CEO James Benamor has become a billionaire thanks to the initial success of his business

Amigo was permanently banned from lending in May 2022 by the Financial Conduct Authority and was ordered to repay interest taken from customers sold ‘unaffordable’ loans from as early as 2005.

Amigo lent at high interest rates to people with a poor credit score if they had a friend or family member willing to make repayments if they could not. 

But after the company was inundated with complaints for selling unaffordable loans, it collapsed – depriving tens of thousands of customers of fair compensation.

Meanwhile Amigo’s CEO James Benamor – who once described his younger self as a drug-taking petty criminal – became exceedingly wealthy, cashing in £305million of shares after his company was first floated on the stock market. He resigned from the company’s board in 2020.

Previously pictured with some of the world’s most famous businessmen such as Richard Branson, Benamor even appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire, before by 2018 his wealth had increased to the point that he was officially classed as a billionaire.

His wealth fuels an ultra-glamorous existence that has, in recent years, been chronicled via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts showcasing endless exotic holidays and extravagant family outings. 

Away from the founder’s jet-set lifestyle, Amigo previously calculated that customer complaints could cost it around £338million – but now it has gone into administration, customers are in line to receive as little as 17 percent of the cash they are entitled to. 

The company faced a slow downward spiral after being forced to stop lending in 2020, then again in 2022 after a brief return to the market.

Amigo was permanently banned from offering new loans in May 2022 by the Financial Conduct Authority after it was found to have missold deals to tens of thousands of customers

James Benamor has previously been pictured with some of the world’s most successful businessmen, including Richard Branson (right)

Benamor’s customers still have no idea when they will receive any compensation

Financial authorities had realised it had been handing out loans to almost anyone, with only the barest consideration given to whether borrowers or their guarantors could afford them.

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Where can one apply for personal loans online?

There are some banks and NBFCs that allow individuals to apply for personal online payday loans no credit check online payday loans no credit check.

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Canada banking regulator to cap mortgages to highly indebted…

OTTAWA, March 22 (Reuters) – Canada’s banking regulator is limiting the number of highly leveraged online payday loans no credit check in the banks’ residential mortgage portfolios, instant payday loans which have ballooned alongside rising prices to make Canadian borrowers among the most highly indebted in the world, the Globe and Mail reported on Friday.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions has told lenders they will have to limit online payday loans no credit check to borrowers with mortgages greater than 4.5 times their annual income, the newspaper reported, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

(Reporting by Ismail Shakil in Ottawa, editing by David Ljunggren)

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Ravens’ Jadeveon Clowney dances after earning $750,000 sack bonus

A huge sack for Baltimore Ravens pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney meant a big online payday loans no credit check for the former first overall pick.

Clowney sacked Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the first half and celebrated with a dance.

That’s because he reached nine-and-a-half sacks on the year, granting him a bonus of $750,000.

While the Ravens have already clinched the online payday loans no credit check. 1 seed in the AFC – meaning Clowney would have had another chance to get to that magic number – it’s still a great milestone for the 30-year-old.

Clowney hasn’t hit this many sacks since the 2017 season – when he got 9.5 sacks exactly for the Houston Texans.

Jadeveon Clowney celebrated a sack that led to a $750k bonus for getting 9.5 sacks 

Clowney is experiencing the best season of his career since 2017 with the Houston Texans

Jadeveon Clowney gets a sack to reach a $750,000 bonus, and payday loan online he’s quite happy about it. 🏈💰😂pic.twitter.com/JSRY9LDVzr

— The Comeback (@thecomeback) January 6, 2024

The Texans drafted Clowney first-overall back in 2014, where he tore his meniscus in his first season.

Across five seasons, Clowney managed 29 sacks before he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2019 for DE Jacob Martin, LB Barkevious Mingo, and a third-round pick.

Once that year ended, he signed a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans – where he suffered his second season-end injury of his career.

He signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2021 and re-signed with them again in 2023.

Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore RavensHouston Texans

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class=”pg-headline”>She had no sanitary pads. No one knew and no one helped

But recent surveys in the UK have exposed startling rates of period poverty in one of the world’s richest countries and sparked a national conversation.

With a contraceptive implant that made her bleed at least 25 days out of every 28, the problem was particularly acute for Krengel.

Related: Calculate how period poverty would impact you

Krengel rationed her menstrual products, wearing a single sanitary pad for up to 20 hours (instead of the recommended three or four), inserting a contraceptive diaphragm to catch the blood or simply free bleeding (using nothing at all).

Throwing away her old jeans later, she noticed that “all of them had this red stain running down the seam, because I would just be free bleeding at least two or three days every week.”

Like countless girls and women around the world who miss days of school or work every month because they can’t access the products they need, Krengel found herself spending more time at home, worried about going out.

Menstrual products and other toiletries in Krengel’s bathroom. Photo: Sarah Tilotta for CNN

‘The first thing under the bus’

At the time, Krengel, her partner and their two daughters — one of whom was just a few months old — were living in Norwich, a small city 100 miles northeast of London.

Switching between two different types of welfare, the family’s housing benefit was paused and they were told to reapply. But there was a months-long backlog: “We were left without any money to pay rent for a very long time,” Krengel recalls.

They turned to high-interest online payday loans no credit check online payday loans no credit check and friends and family to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

When they had no money for food, Krengel’s brother-in-law did an online payday loans no credit check grocery shop. When her two-year-old daughter had no winter coat, Krengel’s sister went out and bought one.

But when she had no menstrual products, no one knew and so no one helped.

“Any time someone was offering to help us financially, I would say, ‘go buy something for the kids.'”

And it was often a choice between spending £1 ($1.30) on a packet of sanitary pads or putting food on the table, she says.

“You can make dinner for four people for £1,” she says. “That seemed so much more important than something that was only for me.”

Menstrual products are “the first thing that goes under the bus when you’re poor.”

‘Tip of the iceberg’

Ten percent of girls and women aged between 14 and 21 surveyed in 2017 by children’s charity Plan International UK said they had experienced being unable to afford sanitary products. Four in ten said they had used toilet paper because they had struggled to afford sanitary wear.

The research was triggered by media reports last March that some schoolgirls in Leeds, a city in northern England, were missing up to a week of school every month because they could not afford menstrual products. Others were regularly using tissue paper or socks instead of pads or tampons.

“We know of a few hundred cases (of girls unable to afford menstrual products),” says Sharon White, head of the UK’s School and Public Health Nurses Association. “But that’s the tip of the iceberg.”

And it’s a problem that can impact women of any age. Many UK food banks now offer non-food items such as menstrual products and the demand for them is growing significantly, explains Alison Inglis-Jones, trustee and volunteer at the Trussell Trust, which runs more than 420 food banks across the country.

A protest in London last December called for an end to period poverty in the UK. Photo: Judith Vonberg for CNN

“I’ve seen people coming in using newspaper, tissues or socks,” she says. “One woman was taking paper out of a public library and using that.”

“If you can’t afford food you can’t afford sanitary protection,” says Tina Leslie from Freedom4Girls, the charity that first flagged the issue among UK schoolgirls last year. “The problem is the same here as it is in Kenya.”

And poverty is on the rise in many more developed countries, partly due to a decade of spending cuts.

Current trends show that the long-term policy of austerity in the UK, largely implemented by Conservative-led governments of the last eight years, has impacted women more significantly than men — and women of menstruating age most of all.

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, many of them are mothers claiming child benefit and other forms of family welfare and therefore account for a big proportion of welfare payments — that means they are hardest hit when payouts are cut.

But for many girls and women globally, financial poverty is compounded by the stigma around menstruation that leads women to “hand off tampons to each other like we’re doing a drug deal,” as Krengel puts it.

“Two massively stigmatized experiences — menstruation and poverty — intersect to create this bizarre and horrible form of poverty,” she says.

She, like many others, believes both must be addressed simultaneously to have any long-lasting impact.

Tackling the taboo

Since Plan International released their UK study, long-running campaigns tackling the issue have been picking up more interest than ever before — and new ones have sprung up too.

A protest in central London last December was a watershed moment for those campaigns, marking the first time the issue hit mainstream headlines in the UK.

The rally outside Downing Street, the official residence of Prime Minister Theresa May, attracted celebrities including British models Daisy Lowe and Adwoa Aboah and hundreds of demonstrators, some sporting tampon jewelry and vagina-related paraphernalia.

Hundreds turned out in London last December to protest against period poverty. Photo: Judith Vonberg for CNN

Related: It’s time for women and girls to speak about their periods

Many protesters told CNN they were shocked to learn that period poverty was a UK problem.

“It’s disgraceful that our society’s even having this problem and disgraceful that we should feel ashamed for talking about it,” 18-year-old Suzie Murray said at the rally.

Chella Quint, who runs a campaign called Period Positive, encouraging shame-free conversations about menstruation, has only recently freed herself from that psychological trap.

“There were times when I couldn’t financially afford menstrual products and that was worrying, and there were other times when I couldn’t socially and culturally afford it, because I was afraid to say anything,” she says.

Not having loads of toys as a child “didn’t harm me forever I don’t think,” Quint explains. “But the embodied shame around feeling negative about periods — that definitely has.”

Rachel Krengel makes a similar point. “I think there’s a part of every menstruator on this planet who is still a 12-year-old who’s just spotted blood on their crotch and is so desperately ashamed of that.”

Demonstrators at the December protest in London. Photo: Judith Vonberg for CNN

‘It’s so easy to fix’

With so much attention currently focused on women’s issues and gender inequality, Krengel believes now is the time to push for change.

She wants to see free provision of menstrual products in all UK schools. By her calculation it would cost £11 ($14) per child per year.

“It’s so easy to fix,” she says. “It’s a nothing amount of money.”

A petition started by Krengel and other members of the London-based feminist activist group Fourth Wave is calling on British Prime Minister Theresa May to introduce free menstrual products in all UK schools. It has gathered more than 135,000 signatures to date.

Scotland is set to do just that. In August, the Scottish government set aside £5.2 million ($6.8 million) to provide free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

Wales has also set aside £1 million ($1.3 million) for a similar project.

Related: When pads are a luxury, getting your period means missing out on life

The UK’s Labour Party — the largest opposition party — has pledged to spend £10 million ($13 million) to provide free sanitary products in secondary schools, homeless shelters and food banks. Smaller parties, including the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the Women’s Equality Party, have made similar pledges.

In a debate in the House of Commons in June, Minister for Women Victoria Atkins said there was “no significant evidence” that period poverty was having an impact on school attendance.

“For (the government) to do something about it now would mean an acknowledgement that child poverty has soared over the last seven years,” Krengel says. “It would be an admission of what austerity has done to our society.”

Krengel with her daughters, Kitty, 9, (left) and Millie, 8. Photo: Sarah Tilotta for CNN

Along with free provision of pads or tampons, campaigners are calling for better education about periods in schools.

Krengel says that if these national conversations had been happening when she was struggling with period poverty in secret, it might have helped. She hopes people like her are feeling “a bit less alone now.”

Krengel, who no longer experiences period poverty herself, says that if these national conversations had been happening when she was struggling in secret, it might have helped. She hopes people like her are feeling “a bit less alone now.”

But while “not feeling alone is great, it has limited usefulness,” she says. “What we need is some actual change. We need some action.”

Clarification: This story has been updated to better reflect that activist Rachel Krengel no longer experiences period poverty herself and has organized a petition calling for free menstrual products in all UK schools.

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Answers about Air Pollution

an alkaline gas is formed

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Dreaming of a House? Plan It!

One may dream a lot about a perfect home but when it comes to achieving the same in reality, complications automatically seep in. The apparent gap between ones dream house and reality is due to the lack of proper house planning.

House planning is a time consuming process. Once the planning is over, one may sit back and cherish his dreams turning into reality. House planning, is simply, a visualization of the final look of ones home. These days, internet provides an easy access to the variety of home plans across the world, be it in terms of location, design, atmosphere or architecture.

House planning rests on a thorough insight of ones preferences and requirements. It involves a creative and efficient management of the home space. Usually, this planning begins with an approximation of the total budget followed by an estimation of the cost of expenses.

The home design is a cumulative of many diverse aspects, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and size and style of individual region. It is vital to count on appropriate placement of the kitchen, living room and bathrooms, availability of open space and suitable interior décor. These days, people abide by Vaastu or Feng-shui significance while designing their houses. This further extends the planning process. Keen observation, farsightedness and minute detailing are essential for designing an error-free house plan.

In addition to the conceptualization of major indoor designs, house planning also requires a focus on various services, such as regular water supply, effective electric system, resistance to earthquake and short-circuiting. It is imperative to consider the availability of such services at the time of selecting the house location itself.

Many aspects depend upon the location of the house. One must conduct an extensive research before finalizing the place. A good locality ensures a fine atmosphere and an uninterrupted flow of services. Familiarization of terrain simplifies the process of construction as well as management of space.

Planning a house incorporates both inner as well as outer spacing. Outer planning involves extensions in the form of garage and garden. Depending upon the family needs and interests, one may work upon a desirable mix of the two.

It is always advisable to do a comparative study of various houses. This enlarges ones vision to plan and extends the scope of new designs and ideas. One can come across multiple flooring styles, ceiling patterns, exit-entrances, and light arrangements, which may prove beneficial in designing an apt layout of the house.

Traditionally, home planning was even more tedious. In present times, different home planning softwares like Smartdraw and Computer Aided Design have abridged the cumbersome process. One can practically chart out the best possible designs and see ones dream turning into reality.

Buying a house, or planning the same, is generally, a one-time investment. This makes it even more special and serious. An innovative idea and creative and efficient planning can surely fetch wonders in designing the ultimate dream home. One-time efforts can be fruitful for a lifetime.

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Wayne Couzens was known as ‘Papa Wayne’ by his colleagues

After decades of getting away with appalling attacks on women and children, it a nickname that he must have revelled in.

Right up until the moment of his arrest for the murder of Sarah Everard, Wayne Couzens was known fondly as ‘Papa Wayne’ to colleagues, who described him as ‘our work dad’.

In reality, the man officers in the Met looked up to as a ‘father figure’ was a predator whose vile crimes would devastate the public’s faith in British policing.

Yesterday a shocking report revealed how officers failed to uncover the monster in their midst due to a toxic combination of apathy, disinterest and misogyny towards victims who reported sexual crimes, as well as catastrophic vetting blunders which failed to stop Couzens becoming a police officer in the first place.

The true scale of Couzens’ offending during his 26-year reign of terror may never be known, Lady Elish Angiolini warned yesterday.

Right up until the moment of his arrest for the murder of Sarah Everard , Wayne Couzens was known fondly as ‘Papa Wayne’ to colleagues

The first offence nearly three decades ago

Ten years before he joined the police, Couzens is said to have tried to kidnap a woman at knifepoint in north London.

The victim contacted the police shortly after the attack in 1995, but the perpetrator was never identified at the time.

It wasn’t until his conviction for Ms Everard’s murder that the victim named Couzens as the man responsible. But prosecutors said there still wasn’t enough evidence to charge him.

At the time, Couzens was in his 20s, working in a garage where friends recalled his pursuit of ‘alarmingly young’ girls. 

Often reeking of expensive aftershave, he splashed out on designer clothing, a hair transplant and drove ‘glamorous’ cars in a desperate bid to impress youngsters. 

It was around this time that Couzens is also accused of committing a serious sexual assault of a child, who was barely a teenager.

Sarah Everard went missing in south London on the night of March 3 after Couzens falsely arrested her for breaking coronavirus restrictions, then kidnapped, raped and murdered her

Sarah’s family said the inquiry helped them, not just because of its significant findings, but  because it made them feel that Sarah’s life was valued (Pictured: Jeremy Everard (left), the father of Sarah Everard, outside the Old Bailey, central London, with other family members)

Well-wishers embrace after placing flowers at a band-stand where a planned vigil in honour of Sarah Everard was cancelled after police outlawed it

Messages and floral tributes were left by well-wishers to honour victim Sarah Everard at the bandstand on Clapham Common in south London

Sarah Everard was spotted on CCTV  leaving a branch of Sainsbury’s in Brixton Hill, south London, on the night she went missing

When police searched his computer after his arrest for the subsequent murder, they found a large stash of indecent images of children. Couzens had also downloaded several sexploitation videos showing a police officer raping and murdering a woman who taunts his impotence.

Joining the Territorial Army

In 2002, Couzens joined the Territorial Army where he cornered an intimidated young reservist demanding her phone number. Couzens proudly showed young reservists his violent pornography collection in 2004, playing videos of a woman being forced to perform a sex act and shocking clips of bestiality in a bar.

In the same year he is said to have indecently exposed himself to a teenage girl in south London, who did not report the matter until 2021.

Hooked on livestream pornography, sex workers and adult dating sites, Couzens’ offending began to escalate. Between November 2006 and January 2007, he is accused of raping a woman during a singles event linked to a dating website at a bar in east London.

The victim came forward after Ms Everard’s murder, but police decided not to pursue the case due to ‘evidential difficulties’.

The true scale of Couzens’ offending during his 26-year reign of terror may never be known, Lady Elish Angiolini (pictured) warned yesterday

A failed application to join Kent Police

Couzens applied to join Kent Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary around 2005 but he failed to make the grade in interviews.

Despite this, he was accepted as a special constable where male colleagues remembered him as a ‘phenomenal officer’ and ‘all-round good guy’. 

But some of the women who encountered him off-duty told a very different story of sexual harassment and assault. One woman was bombarded with photographs of his penis.

Another victim who was injured at a social event was tended to by Couzens, who took the opportunity to lift her skirt and squeeze her leg under the guise of putting on a plaster. 

The inquiry heard of another occasion when Couzens is alleged to have sexually assaulted a young woman in a car by putting his hand underneath her dress.

None of the incidents was reported at the time.

Yesterday a shocking report revealed how officers failed to uncover the monster in their midst due to a toxic combination of apathy, disinterest and misogyny towards victims who reported sexual crimes

Couzens’ repeated attempts to join the force as a salaried officer were rejected due to his mounting debts after taking out online payday loans no credit check loans and maxing out credit cards, making him vulnerable to corruption.

In November 2008, Couzens is said to have struck again, exposing himself to a mother pushing a pram who immediately reported the matter, but he was not traced at the time.

Lady Elish found that ‘by the time Couzens resigned from Kent Special Constabulary, he already had a history of abusive and potentially criminal sexual activity’.

‘These behaviours ranged from intimidation, sexual touching, sharing unsolicited photographs of his penis and showing extreme pornography, to an alleged very serious sexual assault against a child barely into her teens’.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary blunder

Couzens should have been refused vetting to become a police officer due to an individual voluntary agreement, a form of insolvence he had declared in 2007.

But having been repeatedly refused by Kent Police, Couzens was accepted to join Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) in 2011 due to an extraordinary vetting blunder.

The force, which protects after nuclear facilities, outsourced vetting to Thames Valley Police who recommended that Couzens be rejected.

Ten years before he joined the police, Couzens is said to have tried to kidnap a woman at knifepoint in north London

But in the meantime, CNC bosses were so desperate for new recruits that they had already decided to sponsor Couzens for national vetting clearance before hearing back from Thames Valley Police about the rejection.

Yesterday Chief Constable Simon Chesterman apologised, saying: ‘Wayne Couzens should not have been in the police service.

‘The Civil Nuclear Constabulary accepts our part in this and I unreservedly apologise for the fact that man became a police officer.’

The night Couzens went missing

In a chilling echo of the night Ms Everard was murdered, Couzens went out on the prowl in a courtesy car on June 30, 2013.

He was reported missing to police at 1.44am after failing to return from a 9pm gym session in Folkestone. A vehicle registration check revealed he was miles away in Ashford.

Lady Elish said: ‘Couzens could have been driving around looking for a victim, in the same way as he did almost eight years later on the evening he abducted Sarah Everard and on other dates in the lead-up to his crimes.’

Police were told around 4am that he was on his way home, but in reality Couzens had booked himself into a hotel room.

Couzens should have been refused vetting to become a police officer due to an individual voluntary agreement, a form of insolvence he had declared in 2007

Missed opportunity to stop a killer

In 2015, Couzens was reported driving around Dover naked from below the waist by a caller who provided the make, model and registration of his car.

Within minutes of the call, vehicle records revealed Couzens was the insured driver.

A sergeant stationed in Ashford, where Couzens had previously worked, twice accessed a file revealing that Couzens was a former special constable in the force. But the officer logged that ‘no crime’ had been committed, suggesting the caller’s account was disputed.

How did he pass the Met’s vetting system?

Drowning in debt due to a succession of loans, including cash taken from police welfare funds, Couzens decided to join the Met in 2018 hoping for a pay rise.

In yet another vetting blunder, re-vetting by the Met should have flagged that his car was linked to the 2015 unsolved indecent exposure. But inexplicably officers recorded there was ‘no trace’ of any linked crimes on the Police National Database.

Worryingly, even after Couzens had been prosecuted, Met bosses were still insisting in 2022 that there was no reason that he would not have passed Met vetting. Within a year, the officer, who colleagues described as a ‘very happy, friendly and smiley’, had secretly bought covert surveillance equipment in preparation for ‘hunting trips’ around London.

In 2020, police missed yet another opportunity to catch Couzens when he leapt out of the woods at a female cyclist, standing naked and carrying out a sex act

He bought a ‘mini spy car key chain’ consisting of a motion detection camera and hidden camcorder, a pocket-size telescope and an ‘eyewear video spy camera’ with a hidden lens that could be attached to a pair of glasses.

Police believe Couzens raped a woman in December 2019 who reported being attacked in a tunnel under a bridge in London, but he was not identified at the time.

He is also suspected of groping a man in drag at a bar in the summer.

At the same time, Couzens was swapping sickening messages with colleagues advocating the sexual assault of domestic abuse victims. When no one reported him, Couzens’ deviant behaviour continued to escalate.

In December 2020, he was seen in his home town wearing handcuffs, a baton and pepper spray.

When questioned, he lied, claiming he was undercover.

He began messaging women selling clothing online payday loans no credit check, asking them to masturbate on bikinis and shorts and send them to him.

The 51-year-old went on to expose himself to two terrified female attendants at a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant in Kent on February 14 and 27, 2021

An escalating pattern of evil

In 2020, police missed yet another opportunity to catch Couzens when he leapt out of the woods at a female cyclist, standing naked and carrying out a sex act in a remote country lane in Kent in November.

The cyclist told a female police officer what had happened within minutes of the attack – which was only a few miles from where Couzens took Ms Everard after kidnapping her.

But police were unable to trace Couzens at the time after the victim could not recall his full number plate.

The 51-year-old went on to expose himself to two terrified female attendants at a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant in Kent on February 14 and 27, 2021, with the last attack just three days before Couzens snatched Ms Everard from a street in south London.

Police were given his description, car registration and bank card details, yet officers failed to investigate any of the attacks, interview the victims or identify the sex offender as one of their own officers until he had been arrested for the murder.

A day later, Couzens booked the hire car that he would use to abduct Ms Everard as she walked home from a friend’s house.

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After knowing that the head of the Student Funding Company avoided paying thousands of pounds in income tax, now Mr

After knowing that the head of the Student Funding Company avoided paying thousands of pounds in income tax, now Mr. Lester will be forced to pay tax and National Insurance contributions from his pay packet in future. He earns 140,000 a year, has been paid through a private firm under a two year contract signed in January 2011.

In May 2010, Mr. Lester was appointed interim chief executive. He was then paid through the recruitment firm Penna plc which placed him with the Student lending Company. He was appointed on a two-year contract in January 2011, but retained the terms of his temporary employment, instead of being added to the payroll. The revelation is a big embarrassment for the coalition after it came into light that ministers approved the deal. Ministers announced that Mr. Lester has now been added to the payroll after taking advantage of a tax loophole which has saved him an estimated 40,000 a year from his tax bill.

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury admitted that the arrangement set a bad example and announced that the Government was now reviewing all previous contracts to ensure other public servants were not taking advantage of similar tax dodges. The revelation has shaken students and their families who were forced to give thousands of pounds in finance to cover tuition fees and living costs at the university. For three-year courses starting this autumn, they face the prospect of taking out finance up to a maximum of 50,000, with interest charges on repayments of 3 per cent above the inflation. He also said that the Student Loans Company will change the arrangements and deduct tax and National Insurance at source for the remainder of the contract. Get finance at your footsteps: Apply online payday loans no credit check with quick online payday loans no credit check loans and easy cash without any hassles, students and unemployed can also apply with ease and meet their entire financial requirement in simple way.

Across Government, if any such appointments are found, whether agreed by this or the previous government, which do not provide value for money, he would urge departments to seek to unwind them as fast as possible and as quickly as it is compatible with securing good value for public money. This is a time when we all have to move in the same direction to tackle the country’s financial problems, it is very important that we all must contribute our full and fair share.

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